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CarelonRx is committed to innovating the next generation of digital pharmacy products and solutions. Our innovations empower clients to build their own best-in-class pharmacy experiences for web and mobile.

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The CarelonRx Developer Portal allows our clients to:

Create a best-in-class digital experience that harnesses the power of CarelonRx’s transactional systems and code samples.

Build their own web and mobile digital pharmacy experiences using their company’s logo and branded look and feel but powered by CarelonRx’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Give their users a seamless digital pharmacy experience across web and mobile platforms.

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The CarelonRx Developer Portal has a robust portfolio of APIs to help our clients build member-centric digital pharmacy experiences for web and mobile.

Digital capabilities available through the CarelonRx Developer Portal include:

  • Prescription refills and renewals, including automatic refills and renewals
  • Starting a new prescription
  • Checking order status
  • Finding a pharmacy
  • Pricing a medication
  • Viewing and paying bills
  • And much more

Our portal gives developers access to:

APIs that provide optimum digital performance, including throttling traffic, mediating messages, controlling error handling, caching data, protecting against bad bots and more.

Code samples to assist with integration of digital pharmacy features.

Swagger files for each feature API that can be easily exported.

A sandbox to validate your API calls during testing.

API reference documentation to support the development cycle.

A menu structure organized by an Intuitive listing of digital pharmacy capabilities.

Two-factor authentication. All in-flight data is TLS/SSL encrypted using https.

Release notes highlighting key feature enhancements for your team's consideration.

Multi-tenant provisioning that ensures that your data can only be accessed via accounts registered with your organization.

Getting Started

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CarelonRx is excited to take your digital pharmacy experience to the next level.

If your organization is already an CarelonRx client, your developer(s) will need to register and create an account by selecting the “Register” button at the top of this page. After we review and approve their registration(s), an email with instructions on how to log in to the Developer Portal will be sent to the email address(es) provided.

If your organization isn’t currently an CarelonRx client, or you’re unsure, please contact your CarelonRx account manager or broker for more information or visit our Contact Us page.